He doesn't want to be exclusive.

been dating for 10 months and all, but he doesn't want to be exclusive. Is he too comfortable in the just dating scene? I feel like I have ruin something that could have been a good relationship. .


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  • Why would you ruin something by asking him if he wants to be exclusive? It's him that would ruin things if he said no, which he did.

    Ask him why he doesn't want to be, it could be because he thinks it's too soon, or that he just thinks it would get too serious too fast,...

    • Thanks for best answer. I see in a comment of you below that you're official now? Great! Congrats! :D

    • yes. We are official now! :D Thank you for the answer it is good!


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  • It means you're not his first choice. It means he's constantly looking for someone better and when he finds her, he's going to leave you in a heartbeat

    10 months is long enough to decide if he wants to be with you and he doesn't

  • it's because he doesn't like you that much in all honesty. he likes having you around and likes having the sex but if after all that time he won't get into a relationship he just doesn't like you that much.

    • we are offical today, so yes... I think he really likes me :P

  • If a guy doesn't want to get exclusive after almost a year I'd probably run as fast as I could! I find it strange that after such a long time, things aren't exclusive. I don't think you've ruined something that could have been good, but that's because I don't think you can have anything good with a guy who isn't willing to commit after ten months.