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If you can date a celebrity, who would you want? Why?

If you can date a celebrity who would you want? What about him/her do you like? You can add however many details you like, regarding what you are... Show More

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  • Demi Moore (has always been her :D ) cause to me :D

    1. She's the epitome of feminity

    2. Absolutely lady like on the outside and a very different person in private

    3. She probably has a lot of mood swings

    4. She probably is kind of demanding

    5. She's drop dead beautifully gorgeous

    6. She's perfect in every manner (physically & mentally)

    7. To me she'll be HOT even when she's 90

    Others I'd love to date is Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren ... ;)

    • tnx for all details:D

    • and thank YOU so much for the BA :) - wholly appreciate the gesture :)

    • Wc

What Guys Said 7

  • Julia roberts. She beautiful, simple, elegant and mature that every women should strive to be like :)

  • Megan Fox. Smoking Hot, an Love her Voice.

  • Penélope Cruz ...she is hot, sexy & funny and I like her accent

  • Alicia Keys

    She's attractive, feminine, classy, and has this awesome coolness and confidence about her.

  • Megan Fox

    Penelope Cruz

    Cameron Diaz

    Natalie Portman

    Lindsay Lohan

    Angelina Jolie

    • All the popular one

  • Amy Adams, Karen Gillan, Deborah Ann Woll, Christina Hendricks. Redheads!

What Girls Said 3

  • robert deneiro... I think that's how you spell it. or tom hanks. or denzel washington or drake or lance gross. or IDRIS ELBA! he's so sexy. so Idris Elba...

    • U got some good choice there girl :)

    • Thanks lol

  • I will date Bob Marley:D

  • kivanc tatilug.hes a turkish actor and model.hes really hot with blue eyes blond hair and light skin.look him up.hes hot.all the shows he acts in he's romantic ans very sexy.igues and hope that's how he really is.

    • ahaha he's hot!

    • right!u know him?

    • No, but I looked him up.

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