If you can date a celebrity, who would you want? Why?

If you can date a celebrity who would you want? What about him/her do you like?

You can add however many details you like, regarding what you are attracted to


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  • Demi Moore (has always been her :D ) cause to me :D

    1. She's the epitome of feminity

    2. Absolutely lady like on the outside and a very different person in private

    3. She probably has a lot of mood swings

    4. She probably is kind of demanding

    5. She's drop dead beautifully gorgeous

    6. She's perfect in every manner (physically & mentally)

    7. To me she'll be HOT even when she's 90

    Others I'd love to date is Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren ... ;)

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      tnx for all details:D

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      and thank YOU so much for the BA :) - wholly appreciate the gesture :)

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