Frustrated as all he** Any advice

Me and my ex of three years have been broken up for just about a year now. He continues to periodically reach out with random stupid text messages just saying hello. I know that I shouldn't even respond to him, however, this is what is frustrating. When I tell him how I feel and that he hurt me and broke my heart and doesn't have the right to reach out to me he turns it around and tells me that I still have anger and he was just saying hello and I turn it into an argument..HELLO WE ARE NOT TOGETHER why would I be happy to hear from you? Its so frustrating, Why would someone keep doing this?


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  • Usually it's girls who are always moaning about how they want to be friends with their ex.

    If he's had half the experience most of us have had, he probably thought he was doing you a favour by showing you there was no hard feelings and that you could be friends if you wished.

    If you're that bothered, then just block his number and stop responding to him. It's not hard. (That's what guys do, when their ex girlfriends insist on the whole "Let's be friends" thing)


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  • Sounds like one of 3 things:

    1. He still has feeling and waiting for you to bring up positive feelings.

    2. He's a jerk and gets off on upsetting you.

    3. He's hoping one of the text will turn into booty call/ FWB situation.

    You are giving him control of your emotions and feelings by getting so upset. If I were you I would either block his number or ignore him. It is so hard yo ignore someone you want to cuss out but ignore him will help to close this chapter on your life.

  • It sounds like he still has feelings for you but is holding back for some reason.

  • Stop responding.