Is it okay to tell my ex I miss him?

So we have been broken up about 3 weeks. When he ended it, I didn't send tons of texts or call constantly. I didn't ask for another chance. I simply said I was sorry about how things ended and it's okay if it's what he wants. We have talked a few times since then, some initiated by me, others by him. Our conversations are short. They are the random joking around like we used to, like nothing happened. He always stops replying as a means of ending conversation. We haven't talked about the breakup and it just kind of hangs there between us. I'd really like to text him that I miss talking to him but I'm worried about what he'll say. We were friends for a year before we started dating. Is it okay to say this? If not, how can I reword it? Would it be okay to tell him I still have feelings for him? I want him back but I'm not sure what he wants. I don't want to make things even more awkward. Please help!


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  • It would be best if you can say that you still have feelings for him.

    Guys are sometimes oblivious that a girl still likes them so they tend to let the relationship drift away forever.

    • What if he doesn't feel the same way? Will it destroy the remains of our friendship?

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    • Not really. If he wants to distance himself from you, he shouldn't be replying/initiating texts.

    • Okay. If I don't I suppose I'll always have to wonder. Thank you. I appreciate your help.


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  • this sound like a sweet story. Yes you could say you miss him. you went out with him.


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  • this is what you do. say "i've been thinking a lot about you lately, not about the relationship or anything like that, just about you. I miss how things were with us and I wanted to know if we could talk about things." if he says no than I'm sorry to say but its over and done with. if he says yes, than take things from there. hope I helped (: