Boyfriend left to answer a call and never came back?

We were hanging out with friends at a coffee shop. He got a phone call (didn't see who it was), went outside to answer it. He never came back.

We got there at 9:40pm, got the call around 10:20. I waited, but my friends wanted to leave and I wouldn't sit there alone, so by 11pm I left. I quickly looked around the square were the coffee shop is, and no signs of him. I called his cellphone over 5 times, it rings but he doesn't answer.

Am I right to be mad? If he had to leave, he could AT LEAST take 30 seconds to go back to the coffee shop and tell me. Or at least a text message. Should I text him or just wait for him to call?


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  • Text him. It must be really an emergency.

    • what kind of thing can be such an emergency that you can't afford to lose 20 seconds to warn the person you're with?

    • Let's say that a friend of yours called that he's hanging by the edge of a cliff at the moment, and he's already at his limits.

      Will you afford the 20 seconds to warn the person you're with?


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  • text him next day, emergency can happen.


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  • text him