The short version of my drama and needs help!!

today at lunch I was saying how my prom dress is yellow and (the guy who was going to take me to prom but now isn't because he can't decide between me or his ex which I told him I'm ok with him taking his ex and I assumed he was going to take his ex after I made plans to go with other people,which I told him about) said "ehhh yellow? I couldn't pull off yellow even if I tried"..and then I hear one of my friends ask why? and he said "yellow doesn't look good on me haha." like what's that suppose to mean?


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  • Okay, don't look to deep into this. I think he's just trying to brush off the awkward circumstances about his ex. Kind of making a joke as to why he's not going with you. Nothing to big to look into. But those are weird circumstances, at least you made other plans and weren't stranded with a dress and nobody to hang out with. Any questions comment : ]

  • honestly, you should drop him. it semms like he's just using you as a back up plan, I wouldn't put up with that, it's either you or his ex, and it seems to me that he choose his ex