Argh! Why is he flirting with me if he has a girlfriend?

I have a work mate who I hang out with outside of work from time to time (it's never just the two of us) and he loves to tease me. Even outside of work he will tell me 'you're horrendous, your shooting is terrible, that's not good enough ecc'. We're both in long distance relationships.

The other day I messaged him for some advice because I'm having a few troubles with my boyfriend. We messaged for 2 hours. He told me that he's always there if I need someone. Often I message him just for a chat (he's easy to talk to) and when I told him that I get shy around him he said 'you cutie'. I told him that perhaps I talk to him too much and he said that it was fine, that he didn't notice. Then he said something that struck me as weird 'but if I'm talking to you and my girlfriend starts talking then sorry, but she's a priority'.

THEN today he sent me a message saying 'should play basketball'. He was playing by himself. He ran out of credit and said he couldn't talk to me until tomorrow. I was thinking why does he want to talk to me tomorrow? After I said I had some funny things to tell him and he said 'text me'.

I told him something really personal and he said he felt happy and it made him feel special that I had told him because not many people know.

Is he interested?


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  • He's really interested though he prefer to be with his girlfriend.

    Perhaps, you're a fun and easy person to talk with.


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  • It could be that he's just being friendly; you may not get the jokes, or you might think it's flirting, but some guys are naturally that way. Depending on how long you've known him and how much he's done stuff like this, that would be my first guess.

    On the other hand, he might be sending signals, trying to gauge your interest. In which case my advice is to back away, slowly or quickly, whichever you prefer. LDR or not, friendly or not, make-out sessions (or more) are definitely a no-no.


What Girls Said 2

  • don't take this the wrong way but maybe you're an ego boost for him. be careful.

  • it seems like he likes you but as from what you said he hasn't really given signs of what kind of like he has for you. I think he might not know he likes you.