How should deal with him when he acts out like this?

Last night me and my boyfriend were hanging out at his cousins house I pulled out my phone and started texting my friend that is sick, pregnant and sits home all day. We were just talking about jobs cause she quit hers. And then my boyfriend started getting upset that I was texting her saying he saw me delete messages earlier..and I did my moms messages, and I tried to explain to him that I delete stuff out of my phone out of habit. So he was asking me what I was talking about with my friends but when I said here see my texts he says no I don't care...I really don't like apparently you do. I told him I wasn't doing anything I'm not talking to anybody and he has me confused with one of his x"s.he made a big whole thing in front of his cousin and his cousins girlfriend. We end up leaving and he was like I see everything you don't have to try to tell me. Why you got going huh like nothing he was like you always are on your phone I was like no I'm not. He was acting like he really doesn't want me having a phone at all. I got really upset snapped on him which I didn't want but I was just so hurt that he thought I would do anything to him like that. then as soon as I get upset he doesn't want to talk about it anymore like wtf? So what should I do to make him feel better about things, how should I treat when he gets like this again?


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  • Maybe you are way more often on your phone than you realise. I, for one, hate when I'm with people and they're on their phone. Sure there can be emergencies or exceptions but when someone's having entire conversations whilst I'm present I find that quite rude and disrespectful. I'm not entirely sure what your boyfriend's problem is, whether he really thinks you're cheating on him or it merely annoys him that you're on your phone so often. Maybe try to put your phone down when he's around and dedicate your time to him.

    • I do dedicate my time to him that was just one time that I was texting my friend I'm never on my phone other then that. And at the time I was on my phone he was having some big conversation with his cousin.


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  • sounds like a control freak, he needs to work on his issues an trust you more. both need to talk an respect each other opinions so try an Compromise.


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  • Sounds like he try to controls who you talk to and what you talk about and you stay calm and don't raise your voice them their will be no reason for the problem to escalate

    • yea I got upset with him yesterday and I always like to stay clam with him but I guess I couldn't do it last night. I was because when I did stay calm with him he acted like I didn't care about him or I was lying to him. And I didn't want him to think that then as soon as I get upset he gets quite and wants to go home like I felt like he was playing games like he want me upset.

    • Maybe you shouldn't be with him sounds like he has issues but any way no matter what he say or do you have to stay calm