How to kiss a guy on the cheek?

this is kind of a dumb question lol but what is it suppose to feel like? should your lips be moist or what? and are you suppose to make a noise when you kiss someone? like that *mwuaaah* noise /.\


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  • More or less depends on if the guy is a love interest or just a platonic friend/family member and you're appreciating something he did or greeting/saying goodbye. The former (guy you like/love) should just feel like a normal kiss, either a peck or a second longer to show you care. The latter (platonic friend/family member) is usually has a 'popping' sound (not sure about the mwaaah noise) to emphasize that it's nothing more than just an act of appreciation and is fairly quick. What does it feel like? Well I have no idea, but kissing a girl's cheek it felt soft and smooth and pretty natural. Almost like the back of my hand, but a lot better because well it was a girl.


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  • you don't have to make a noise, that noise only really happens if you kind of suck on their face a bit like a suction cup or something

  • Simply steal that kiss on the cheek.

    Saying mwuaah will make it sound like it's an adorable act.


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