Weird to do on a date?

Well, not really sure if you can count it as a date. He does like me but it seemed more like a friend thing, even though he paid. :P Well, there was this girl that was our age that came in right after us, the waiter asked if it was the 3 of us, he said 2. She looked kind of lonely and said no just 1, I invited her to sit with us. She declined, I was just being polite and I know I would feel pretty lonely if I had to eat by myself. :P Would it make him have a better opinion of me or just make me look weird?


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  • What's wrong with going to a restaurant and eating alone? It's not a lonely as cooking an entire meal for one and then sitting at your kitchen table and eating your meal in utter silence. At least that way I get the presence of people and minimal contact.

    • Well, she didn't sound or act happy about being by herself, she was pretty embarrassed when she told the waiter only one too.


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  • You are awesome to have shown that much empathy. He is awesome for having paid. Why don't you get together with him again and discuss it.

    • Thanks :) this makes me feel better. ha ha and yeah I do things like that randomly. I hope he saw it the way you do. haha

  • ...what are the reasons you didn't think it was a date?

    • Well, it was really random and I just posted on Facebook I wanted to go to Ihop, it was like 2am. lol Didn't really feel like a date.

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  • it would send him two things to think about: a. she's very thoughtful and nice because she did that or b. she sees me as a friend because she didn't want to have dinner with me alone. did you explain why you did it?

    • I just explained that it seemed lonely and that I wouldn't want to eat alone.

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    • Thanks :) I just wasn't sure because I don't really know how to act on dates, I'm a little rusty... and I just got out of a 4 year relationship. haha

    • It's normal to feel like that don't trip :)