Is it true that dating in California is harder for guys?

the reason I ask this is I heard the number of men outnumber the women and most girls are in relationships I live here in north Carolina and my dating life isn't bad I had quite a few relationships but I'm moving to California for college next semester and want to know the best way to meet girls over seeing as it's a different environment.


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  • It depends on the part of California. It's a very big and diverse state. In general people are not going to be as friendly there as they are in N Carolina. They are also not as down to earth. However keep in mind that a huge percentage of people in California are not from there. They are transplants from other parts of the country or immigrants.

    But like anywhere else, there is plenty of variety and there should be enough girls to your liking that you can find someone. Don't worry about it being a different environment. That should work itself out naturally as you get to know people. You should expect a faster pace than you are used to, and a LOT more ambition from both guys and girls. They don't just sit around and talk like you might be used to. They are constantly on the go.


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  • Teh numbers are equal; it's just that so many of the women here are into power trips and the dating game, making guys bid for their company, and harboring a lot of hostility toward men in general.

    Most of the women out here consider themselves feminists; you know, Hilary Clinton...and are downright nasty most of the time. Unless you spend money on them, but that's probably true in North Carolina, as well!

    Plus, their feminist principles don't keep them from selling themselves for a ride in a Porsche. I imagine you hae that in North Carolina, as well, but probably you have less Porsches!

  • I lived in CA my whole life, and from what people have told me over the years, CA is more difficult than the deep south (NC, SC, GA, AL, etc.) and the midwest (NM, AZ, TX, etc.)...but easier than in the northeast (NY, MA, NJ, etc.)

  • You heard bad rumors.

    It's like you're already pre-qualifying the place even before you get there.

    Learn by experience, and not by second hand talks.