Can you date an RA that's not yours?

RA = Resident Assistant in a college dorm.

So I'm pretty sure it's bad etiquette (and a bad idea overall) to date your RA. I'm not interested in that. I want to know if it's bad etiquette to date a different RA in your building (say, the one for the floor above mine). Any problems with this?

Something I forgot - All RAs in two certain buildings do shifts of rounds at night when they're on duty. This means that target RA DOES come onto my floor in a position of authority. Not sure if that changes anything, but whatever.


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  • I believe you're in the clear. I'm fairly certain you're allowed to date your TA's and LA's as well though that's a little more risque. Basically, you should try your best to avoid dating anyone that can give you academic or academic-related privileges.


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  • RA's are students as well, there are no problems with it. I'm actually dating my TA for lab and the entire department and the stock room knows about it. As long as we keep it professional during lab time and when it comes down to those types of situations, it is fine.


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