Should I wait for her?

Okay so here is the situation. Me and this girl that I have been friends with since 7th grade recently started dating. She had her first child a beautiful little girl about 2 months ago. She has a history of drug use but by the grace of God she has put that behind her for almost a year now. While we were texting last weekend. We were flirting like usual. And I asked her if she was my girl. She said yes but she doesn't think she is ready to date. By this time we had been dating for a couple weeks. I asked if I had done anything and she fervently said no. And that in fact she wants to date me in the future. So here are my questions. Should I wait for her? Does she want me to peruse her now? Should I give her space? Please help


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  • Tough situation, take her at her word, if she truly is just not wanting to be with you because she is not ready, then give her the space. It could be that you got too close to her and it was bringing up old stuff for her and this is a memory for drug users that they do not like is similiarities. She sounds like she knows it is her deal to take care of. As for waiting for her, don't wait, but do what makes you feel right, don't go out and get with another gal because you don't have her. Take care of yourself, stay her friend and ask her if you can have coffee one day nothing else, just to catch up. This way you can make your own decision as to what is happening between you and her. Its likely that she isn't expecting you to chase or wait on her, she truly may be taking care of herself. One question though, were is the babys daddy? This is always a difficult one, kids can make us do the darndest things, if he is trying to come into the picture, she might be stepping away from you to do some soul searching? Either way good luck and be supportive to her no matter what she chooses, she is one of the lucky ones to be recovering from her drug abuse, their are those of us, who lost the ones we love to drugs and its not an easy thing. Be safe


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  • Don't wait for her, but you can definitely be friends if that works.

    She has a family she has to think about now.

  • I think this story is very touching. But unfortunately, she's waiting for the baby's dad. She doesn't want you to leave incase he does come back. Either way I do think that she's just waiting for the flame to come back between them without loosing you as a possibility.


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