Should I be happy that I would not be able to date and have relationships?

.because I have a very very hairy body and I am 5feet one inch in height.It seems no girl would ever be interested in dating or having relationship with me...sometimes I also wish to have a girl love me and have relationships , but mostly I enjoy and am happy being gives me lot of freedom to be myself, I can be ME, I can concentrate on myself, I can pamper and enjoy my own self, I can do lot of things since I have lot of time, and am not bound to impress and please any girl(friend).


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  • There's nothing wrong with being single, and enjoying your freedom! It's good to like yourself and enjoy the time you spend with yourself!

    But I'm not sure where you got the idea that you're undesirable. Your height and body hair have nothing to do with anything. You're single because you're unconfident, not because you're undesirable. Women all over the world are dating and sleeping with NORMAL guys, not supermodels, and you are a normal guy. Trust me, you're just fine. So stop being down on yourself, and start up a conversation next time you see a girl that you want to pursue. You ARE desirable, but you have to know it before other people will see it. Good luck!

    • Am glad you consider me a Normal guy. Its easy to say and write. But ask yourself again, do you really think I am Normal. Don't try to be goodie goodie or sympathetic. 5'1 and very very hairy , normal and desirable? ? NO.

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    • Ok OK. So how tall are u? And why you dated short guys? ..and what about being too hairy? That's ok? That's acceptable and tolerable?

    • I'm 5'7 now, but in high school I was closer to 5'3, and my ex was around my height. And I didn't date him because of his height or in spite of it. He had so many wonderful qualities. Height is not of any circumstance. And some women like hair, some don't, but it's not an issue. If you would like to manscape a bit, that's perfectly easy to do as well.


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  • Improve what you can. If you're hairy to the point it becomes unattractive, remove can't do anything about your height but you can get a fit body in the gym and dress nicely and go out more. You don't have to resign yourself to being alone because of your flaws.nobody is perfect

    • nobody is perfect but girls only go for the guys who are 99% perfect

    • I can't keep on removing fur from my whole body just to impress girls. And height DOES matter. Even short gals want at least 5'7 guy , forget average /tall girls who already tower over me.

  • You'll find someone eventually but I get where you're coming from. It's nice to only worry about yourself and not have to include someone else in your decisions or anything.

  • It's GREAT that you're able to enjoy being single! That's definitely something to be happy about.

    But... I wouldn't completely rule out the idea of dating. No matter what you look like, SOMEONE out there in the world will be attracted to you. No matter how big or small, or hairy your are.. there's someone out there for you. I don't know that you'll necessarily meet them in your life time, but they're out there.

  • Being single is great while you're young! Heck you're not even 30! Enjoy your youth! Pamper and please yourself! That's what being young is all about. But there will come a time when you want a wife and a family. Imagine yourself in 5 years.. All your friends are getting married and starting families. You will start to feel lonely and desire a companion. You might think you're undesirable.. But there is a woman out there just waiting for a man like you. Sounds cheesy, I know. But it's true. As long as you have a decent personality and you're nice and respecting of women, you'll find that girl you're supposed to be with.

    • Maybe I would be happy when I see what troubles and problems my friends face by having a wife and children ? Maybe I feel like a king ruling my own little world. I wo't have to worry about looking/acting certain way, won't have to worry about (physically)satisfying a girl , won't have to worry about how much I earn because its all mine no matter how less it is!...FACT: No girl wants tiny furry guy as a partner.

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  • If I were you, I'd count the blessings. You don't have any obligations... aren't some woman's paycheck... and get to live however you like.

    I'd spend the time enjoying life and making money (which no matter what any female tells you, is the number one thing they all eventually look for in a man).

    Then once you're doing well... you won't be able to keep them away.