I made a complete fool of myself when I talked to this guy...what do I do?

This guy that I kinda like was texting me and well things just went wrong I guess...so he was bored&I texted him I would entertain him if I was home. He asked how and I told him we could fool around like before except we could do more. Then I explained to him that these girls called me a hoe because of that statement. Honestly how does that make me a hoe? I haven't had sex in months&I don't have a boyfriend so how am I a hoe? Anyways he said he didn't see me as being a hoe cause of that statement but I explained to him that I feel like a idiot, weird&I was totally embarrassed for telling him that...all he said was don't feel like that.

Guys&Girls, was I crazy to even say that to him in the first place? Do I seem like a hoe or what? I'm not trying to seem like a hoe!


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  • You're not crazy, and definitely, you're not a hoe.

    It's just that those girls are envious since you might be really sexy.

    • Really? I'm not really the type of person for anyone to be jealous of


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  • Your totally over thinking the situation, its not a big deal. But maybe if you feel weird about it its your brain telling you that deep down you're not really comfortable with fooling around with him. But its not important what those girls think or the guy, it just matters what you think.

    • But I'm actually more than comfortable with messing around with him cause he used to be a fling in the past...&you're right, what they say doesn't really matter

  • I agree. I would say you're over thinking it. And you are not a hoe. You're single and doesn't sound like you sleep around. Girls have needs too. I think the way you behaved is normal especially if you care/like the guy to some degree. But it really depends on your comfort level at the end of the day. And the personal morals and agreements that you have with yourself.