Psycho or Curiosity?

I have been, well did date this guy for 6 months now. We both have kids. he is younger than me by 3 yrs. He constantly tells me the negative things about his ex, how unmotherly she is and how she can't remember to give their son his medicine when he has Pneumonia (people die from this disease, young kids and elderly, his son is 3). I have been under the impression the whole 6 months she had no idea he was dating. I found out she recently opened up a store for used clothing. I went in there, bought something, left. an hour later I get a Facebook message from her telling me she knew who I was and has known for a few weeks, she of course told the guy I'm dating. he asked me, I didn't deny it. He told me she has known since Christmas, she told me she has known for a few weeks when he was over there picking up his kid and logged onto her computer and left it logged in, she saw our messages from one another. NOW after 6 months of dating, shouldn't I have already met her? especially being around their child? As a mother I would want to know who is around my child when I'm not around and they are with my ex. Its been 6 months, HAD I known she already knew, this would have pacified my lack of better judgement and not gone into her store. Why would he have not told me she already knew? Especially when I've said twice in recent weeks I wanted to meet her. Was I super lame, borderline psycho or just had the curiosity killed the cat thing and poor judgement?

I have broken it off with the guy. and he has not talked to me either. I assume he is pissed. But his ex seemed fine with me, we talked very civilly. I have since, blocked her from my Facebook though as to not ruffle any more feathers.


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  • Now that you've broken up with your guy, have some peace for yourself. Stop over analyzing things, and just enjoy the fun this life has to offer.


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  • well I know that in the beginning of relationships we all get those rose colored glasses...and maybe you just didn't think or care to ask about his ex. As for him not voluntary the information that seems odd especially if your kid was staying over at here place? or when she was around...It seems like he might have been playing both you and her. I hope not. but the lack of communication seems suspect...

  • I've looked Norman Bates in the eye and kicked him in the groin. I say she is psycho

    • and be bold enough to use your real name/user name vs anonymous. yes, you are so cool... NOT.

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