Would a girl or woman, date a guy in his 40's that has dentures?

I have had dentures for almost 2 years now, and see a lot of women that I would love to be with, but afraid of telling anyone about me getting dentures because I feel they might run the other way and think it's gross. If any of you ladies out there could please give me some insight on how you might feel about this, please post an answer and let me know ok? Thanks, Rick


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  • It's not a turn on nor is it really a turn off.

    If I learn to care for a guy, I can learn to love every part of him including his flaws.

    Telling a girl you have dentures isn't something you bring up right away.

    When you feel the relationship getting serious eventually it's something she will come to find out, not something you have to tell her.

    It isn't one of those secrets where you have to let it come to surface right away.

    Besides, no one is perfect.

    I'm sure she will tell you things she doesn't like about herself has well.

    Don't let this stop you for dating and finding a potentially great woman to be with.

    It's just dentures!

    If she is that superficial why waste your time with her in the first place?


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  • As long as you take care of them, don't take them out in front of me and definitely don't leave them lying around I'm cool with it. I'VE dated older men before who have partials and one who had dentures because he lost some teeth in a car accident but he was really nice looking and I didn't even know about the dentures until he told me later. Teeth have never been a big deal to me,if I really like a guy I'll make out with him regardless of dental work.

  • no anonymous answers? lol as long as they don't fall out and you can kiss with them...i guess there isn't a problem. would you ever get the permanent things?


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  • "Would a girl or woman, date a guy in his 40's that has dentures?"

    I don't know if a girl would, but a woman might.

  • Well, look at it this way, you won't have to worry about her teeth hurting you during BJs.