Trying to understand this guy?

We both in different states, we used to text or call each other everyday.

We hadn't spoken in a while and he texts me " Hey straight up I'm drunk and thinking of you hope you are well"

then he sent another one saying "I'm not just texting you because I'm drunk, Its because I want to ask you everyday if your okay :("

I replied " I was just thinking of you too.. I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you I've been dealing with a lot of problems lately never meant to be distant, hope your well"

He just replies with ":("

We haven't spoken since, I'm really confused about this and don't know whether he was just drunk or meant what he said.


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  • Is this your boyfriend or someone who you just happen to know? Don't get too worked up or confused over a text message. You don't actually know if he is drunk or not. He could be using that as a reason to tell you his feelings when he usually doesn't want to express himself so much. It is hard to know what is really going on on the other side. It also could be that he is saying that to calm you down so that you won't ask about him.

    On a more positive note, although he could be telling you his true feelings while he is drunk, sometimes drunk people don't mean what they say. Although this does reveal a side of him that you don't normally see.

    How often does he get drunk? Does he send you a text message every time he is drunk?


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  • He really meant what he said. It's just that the influence of alcohol gave him the courage to convey his feelings to you clearly.

  • you know what they say... alcohol goes in, truth comes out. ;)


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  • why dot you ask him and move forward with your lives. I ve been in a LDR for 2 years and I live in Thailand he lives in japan and we talk everyday through texts phone and Skype. don't you guys miss each other at all ? seems like you ve never put an effort taht much