Do you remember your first kiss? Here's my story...

I'm 17 years old and up until December 22, 2012, I haven't had my first kiss. But that day, I spent the night with my really close friend. We were talking about how one of her old bffs was so rude and completely out of line when the friend flipped out on her. I was comforting her and saying that she's not a slu**y bit**.

For starters, she's a virgin and very shy. The only time she flirts with anyone is after getting to know them really well, and at the time that was me and one other guy. Other than that, she's not a flirt. The only reason I could ever consider her behavior SLIGHTLY slu**y is because she did jump from her ex to his best friend within a week of breaking up, but it only lasted a week.

Anyways... She started crying and I felt so bad for her. I grabbed her shoulders gently and raised her back a bit, I looked her in the eyes and told her my feelings for her (again...). She didn't say anything, so I continued. I told her I couldn't love her if she was a slu* because I want a girl who's strong and can have a relationship without having to worry about making love to show love. She looked at me confused and I pulled her in for a hug. After, I pushed her back a little so we were facing each other again and I asked if she understood me. She was now smiling and nodding. I leaned in for a kiss, but she turned to the side for a kiss to the cheek. I give her that, but say that I wasn't going for that. She turns back and I can see in her eyes she's scared, but ready. I lean in again and she leans in and we kiss. It lasts for 2 blissful minutes.

When we were finished, she looks at me and giggles. Me being

awkward, I say thank you... And she blushes. I sit closer to her and ask if she feels any better. She said she's over it and gives me a hug. She noticed that I was breathing harder than normal and shaking a little. I said it was because I was scared of what might happen because of the kiss. And I WAS. I've heard of people losing contact after the first kiss, or being awkward friends. And I didn't want to lose her, I don't want to lose her... She smiles and says that nothing has to happen. It was a kiss and I've deserved it for a long time, but she wasn't ready. She said she wasn't scared when it came to it, but I saw she was.

Later that night, after more talking and some flirting, we got out all the pillows and mats we could find to make a makeshift bed for us, We cuddled and got rather intimate together. We managed to fall asleep for a while in each others arms. But I had to wake up and go, her parents would yell at her if I stayed the night (even though it was already 4am) Since then, there's a stronger bond between us than there was before. We haven't kissed since then,but we have talked about getting together over the summer.

Before the kiss, I would always roll my eyes and think people who kissed in the school halls were being inconsiderate and gross, but keep walking. But now I see them and I smile and just walk on. Other stories?


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  • your first kiss sounds very pretty :) ... some of us wasted ours so I won't share what I didn't enjoy :(

    On the contrary, I think you did a great job sharing your story! It was very articulate and made for a really nice read :)

    I will say however that I have since experienced a very deep kiss that I will never forget, and I too get that knowing feeling and smile when I see such public displays of affection :)...xX


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  • Well my FIRST kiss was a closed mouth, fraction of a second kiss with a girl on a dare.

    The first romantic kiss (and actual kiss) was at a party. A guy I had been talking for a few weeks was there with me. I was a complete drunk idiot, and was hugging him a lot. After one time I hugged him and started to release, he kept his arms around me and looked into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me, and it was amazing. :))

  • ya I've never had one so ya but awww cute story

  • May I just cry over how jealous I am? My first kiss was when I was 7 and it didn't make any fucking sense. My second kiss however was like a fairytail.

  • My first real kiss was a dare. And it was awful, haha!

  • in a library elevator.

  • The scariest thing I hade ever done with a guy befor then I was calm about it but my heart was racing and I was so nerviouse he walked up to me and was standing really close we were talking and after the conversation he just looked at me and nothing happened for a minute then he kissed me and I did nothing then he did it again that time I kisse shim back that was two years ago and we are still best friends we have been best friends for going on five years we whent out for nine months


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