Am I being messed around?

I've been speaking to this guy for about 5 weeks now and the first time we met was about 3 weeks ago and the date went well and we continued to text every day since. He always makes the effort by texting first etc. He's busy with his job and he goes out a lot with his friends whilst I go college and work, so times are awkward. I was meant to meet him for our 2nd date a few days ago but he forgot it was mothers day so he cancelled. Then today we was meant to meet but he text me last minute that he's out with a mate and was wondering if I wanted to bring a mate out too. I was unable to bring a mate and was quite annoyed that he abandoned our date for a friend. There's been times when he's asked me to come out for drinks with him in the past but last minutes so I've always rejected the offer. Now he's text me asking me if we should just watch a film at his tomorrow... Confused


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  • talk sh*t get hit 520blazeit phaget


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  • It sounds to me like he is not much into your relationship...he mostly would like to put you in bed: this is the reason why he wants to watch a movie with you at his place instead of the movies...

    You should ask to go to the movies to watch something and see how his attitude change after the date.