What should I tell him why I didn't answer him or text him back? Omg did I blow it already ?

there is this guy I really like but I have not seen him in about 7 years . he just got back in contact with me a few weeks ago ! I was happy he found me on Facebook and I found out he only lives like 30 min from me but both of us are in relationships with other people and that is why we have not met up in person again yet . I have not seen him in years and I want . he has called me every day and text me non stop the last two weeks since he got in touch with me . I was supposed to meet up with him today but I was not feeling good at all and spent most the day in bed asleep . when I woke I seen he had called me and text me all day long and I never answered his text or calls today . I just really didn't feel like going no where or talking today , I know he is going to call me in the morning and I will talk to him then but now I'm affraid if I tell him I was sick he is going to think I was ignoring him and I was but it was nothing against him I just didn't feel myself today ,. what should I tell him why I didn't answer him or text him back . I really don't want to blow it with him I do like him alot


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  • You didn't blow it. Simply tell him the truth with a sincere tone, and he will understand it.


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  • Seriously? Like him a lot as in affection or a good friend? Emotional infidelity is a serious thing and is totally unfair to your boyfriend. You might want to think things over before you do anything. How would you like it if your boyfriend started seeing a girl he hasn't seen in a long time and always had feelings for? Not sounding so good? Yeah, most girls don't like that thought either. If you want to pursue a relationship with this guy you should break it off with your boyfriend now and spare him the heartbreak later when he finds out you have a guy on the side you're developing.

    • well considering that my boyfriend and I have been together for years and he cheated on me with his old ass ex girl friend I really don't think he has room to yell at me about anything anymore . I have always been there for him no matter what he did . SO why didn't I just leave . well not that easy when you love someone . I am not cheating on him either I told him about my male friend I am very open with him . I'm not heartless

    • That does not make you the better person. Pick one.