He's 24, but am I too young?

Alright, so I have a HUGE crush on this guy at work. He's a supervisor in another department than mine. I'm a cashier. He monitors Home/Shoes. I REALLY like him. A lot of people at work don't though. They say he's mean and rude and just plain quiet. I see him as crazy, funny, and LOTS of fun. We have really gotten to know each other in the past few weeks, and we are so chill and comfortable around each other. I really don't see what's wrong with it, except that I'm 17! Could that cause a problem if we date? Could either of us lose our jobs if people find out? Could he get in any trouble if he persues me? And other than that, he hasn't told me he likes, but has dropped HUGE hints, but maybe he hasn't asked me on a date, because he knows how big our age difference is. SORRY I WROTE SO MUCH XD lol thoughts? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK :)


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  • At 24, he's at a way different position in his life from you, at 17. That being said, it could be illegal (depending on your age of consent laws) if things got heavy between you two. Wait until at least you're 18 to do that. I would say wait to date, too; get to know him better first. You're not even sure he likes you, right?

    • true. I mean... he could just be a MAJOR flirt, like myself, :/

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    • 'tis true :/ and I probably will take it slow. ill just talk to him about my feelings WITHOUT scaring him away XD LOL

    • Get to know him first! And try to get your parents' approval! Or some other trusted adult who knows you well. If you're really mature for your age, I suppose you can pull it off, but he would be a little creepy for pursuing a 17-year-old IMO.


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  • I don't think he should be dating someone under 18 but if it's not against the law he probably would not get fired.

  • It's really fine to date him even when you're just aged 17.

    Though you may get in trouble in your job when your co-workers gets a hold of that information.

    • yeah I'm more worried about losing my job :o but yeah. I realllllly wanna date him, so maybe we just won't be too public with it at work... until I'm 18 or ssomething :0 thanks though :)

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  • If he's smart he won't risk his job to date you. He has supervisors he has to answer to as well and that wouldn't look good for him if they were to find out. Once you turn eighteen who knows but not right now