Should I be cautious about dating a girl that seems to know everyone?

we flirt all the time but I am afraid that she has been around


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  • Why she might be outgoing and friendly and a lot of guys might fancy her. Doesn't mean she's been around. I'm outgoing and friendly and I am attractive but I haven't 'dated etc' anyone for 2 years and had very little sexual experience (as in few partners) but I certainly know how to make the best of me - no way does that make me easy. I suppose you'll only know over time by hearing little comments etc. What's she like with girls - are they friendly towards her too or do they guard their guys from her?


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  • Well personally, I believe that everyone should be somewhat "cautious" when they're first dating somebody. Why? Because you don't really KNOW them!

    So, it's okay to be a little cautious. But honestly, if she hasn't done anything or given you some major red flags that she's "been around the block more than a few times", I don't think you can really judge her just based on the fact that she happens to "know everyone". Maybe she's just really friendly, outgoing, funny, and likes to get to know new people?


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  • It certainly can result in a greater risk of infidelity. More important than how many people she knows is how her self-esteem is derived. Does she think she's a great person because lots of people think she's great (or lots of guys are attracted to her)?

  • (30 to 35)

    And if so, couldn't you live with the idea she kissed or loved someone before?

    Then you'd have to pick them fundamentally religious or obscenely young:-s

    • Of course but I wouldn't like it if every time we went to parties or restaraunts she bumped into an old guy friend, occasionally is to be expected but not all the time.

    • Then just change the places you go to , hanging out at new places where you meet other people

  • And you're a virgin, of course?