Why would he?

so I met this guy. we really liked each other, and he was initiating things, putting his arm around me and I knew he liked me. before we kissed he kissed my hand. we kissed passionately, like a hard long kiss. I've never done that with any of my exes before. so he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. he said he would text me after he dropped his friends off. it was late so I think he fell asleep, but now its been like all day and he didn't text me yet. why? is he just doing other things or what happened?


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  • he might have lost your number, doesn't have min.s for his phone, to scared but I wouldn't give up on him just because he doesn't call or txt you doesn't mean anything

    • He lives in a different state

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    • Yes I thought that he didn't like me at all but then a week later he called and we made plans to meet up and I asked him what's going on and he told me about his week rule on first date thing and it was ok after that. We ended up dating for 8 months but he had to move and I can't really do long distance relationships

    • Oh wow, I don't know what to think of my situatuon. I mean since he lives in a different state, and I knew that from the start its different. if he doesn't talk to me it won't be much of a deal. ill just have a good memory.

  • Wait til tomorrow if no text or call or e-mail or any contacts at all then he is no longer interested. Any guy who is into you will make time. Trust me no matter how busy a guy is if he's into you, he can't stop thinking bout you thus will make the effort to actually text or call or any other form of contacts.