Is she interested or not? How can I talk to this girl?

I talked to this girl from one of my classes the other day. We've chatted in class before but this was the first time we had a real conversation. We bumped into each other in our dorm building, she'd just been working on the homework for our class.The homework was to read and respond to an anonymous student's essay, which ironically in this case, turned out to be my essay. So we talked about that for a while, she talked about how she really liked it, how she could tell it was my paper. She showed me her response to my essay, said I was "a clever, sarcastic smart-ass after her own heart". She put her number in my phone, I didn't ask, she did, and we chatted for a good half hour after that. From my pov, things look good, she seems interested. But when I texted her she never responded. She apologized in class, saying she's a bad texter who never responds to pretty much anyone. But that seems weird to me, in my experience if a girl likes you she'll text you. Anyway, just looking for some other perspectives on this.


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  • Girls are very complicated creatures:) sometimes when I like a guy, I actually do not text him right away because I don't wanna seem desperate or "too into him". However there are always times when I simply don't want to touch my phone no matter who it is:p


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  • You need to test the waters more. This was just the first interaction.