How do you get a guy to admit his feelings?

Long story short I'm 24 met 33 yo online three months ago we were just casual dating, but he treated me w kindness respect, paid our dates, cooked me dinner, and very affectionate. I got scared and ran away since he needs sex in a relationship. I'm a virgin and want to be in love first. I liked him... Show More

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  • Do you want to marry this guy?

    You don't know?!

    Fine - do you think he does?!

    You are over complicating things - I don't believe many couples decide "to be in love". It happens. It sneaks up on you - it builds.

    This guy appears to be interested, appears caring and appears patient.

    Not everyone can share their feelings in words - some share them in actions. Have you ever met someone who was not what they said they were? I mean - think - have you ever met a fraud, be it at school or work, some prankster or idiot who pretends to be something he or she is not?

    Saying something you want to hear is important, but not near as important as the actions. Tell him you like him but you are in unchartered waters with him. Tell him its strange - not scary - just foreign to you. Tell him you'd like to see him more often and you wonder if he feels the same. Don't talk about love... marriage and stuff...

    In many cases today, people meet, date and one day they decide that their relationship is exclusive. They rarely announce it to each other but take it for granted. You are likely at that stage, or at least were at that stage except you wanted him to announce it. Love, like life, does not have an instruction manual - its not something you get from Ikea that has a handful of steps, crudely drawn with the recommendation that two are required to assemble successfuly. Nope. You two got to write your own book.

    Have fun - relax - walk - don't run!