Men how do you handle being in a LDR?

how often do you need to talk to your partner? I kno we as females typically require more attention than men do but what keeps you satisfied? I'm kinda seeing this guy and in the beginning we texted all the time. Recently its been only one text which is to say hey. I'm really starting to like him a lot and when I questioned him about our limited contact he said that nothing has changed. Am I over reacting? I really Like him and would like for us to start dating seriously but I don't want to come off strong or causing drama.


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  • Good question. I myself am in a LDR and hate it so much. She has been gone since November, living a 6 hour drive away, and I've only seen her once since then. I myself, if I could, would pull a Jim and Pam (from The Office) and secretly be on the phone all day via a bluetooth headset. She however, before and after she left, is the kinda girl who can go hours without contact, sending only an occasional "Love you" text, and then call me to say goodnight and maybe tell me a little about her day. You said women need more attention but I fidn that after spending almost every day with her for 2 and a half years, having her gone leaves me wanting attention all the time. So it depends on the people. And both sides need to work VERY hard to keep the lines of communication open as much as possible!

    • So I guess him only sending a text once a day is OK. I'm just trying to develop a relationship and I don't need communication constantly I just like to kno that things are good with us and we're on the same page. I don't want to come off as being overly emotional and making nothing into something. I know guys don't like the drama and nagging


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  • At least once every two days, unless something comes up, is what I would be comfortable with.

    As for how to handle it, I'm afraid I can't give you advice there, for I am not sure what you should do myself. I wish you the best of luck, though.

  • It seems that the long distance between the two of you is taking its toll thus the limited contact.

    For me, I would simply cut off the relationship because I really can't stand it if the person is away.


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