Guys... Is he flirting with me or just being friendly?

I know there are probably a million versions of this question out there, but I feel like my situation is a bit different, and thought I'd ask anyway. Sorry in advance for the novel... Last summer a guy I've "known of" but did not know very well started talking quite a bit; I'd now consider us to... Show More

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  • I've read all of it.

    Yes, I think he's interested in you! Go for it. He asked you out for a drink. That may perhaps be the best hint, in my honest opinion.

    I've had girls not initiate conversation with me for longer periods and they still liked me. He instantly replies to you if you text him, yes? It could be that he doesn't want to appear clingy all over you or perhaps he also does not want to be rejected and wants to make sure that you like him before he makes any moves on you.

    Keep in mind that he may also be busy some weeks and doesn't feel like doing any guessing games about wether you like him or not.

    Sorry, my speculation. Anymore information? I will gladly help.

    • Thanks for reading! I definitely understand not wanting to appear clingy and the rest... I'm guilty of that exact thing with him in this case. I know he's a busy guy, too, and I truly do not expect him to make time to text me all the time. Last time we texted he actually said "you will have to hit me on Facebook" as he doesn't have good cell service at home (he's moved house recently). I know that could be a good sign, but I also I know what it's like to dodge unwanted chatters on fb... :/

    • I personally think that people who don't want attention on Facebook from a certain individual, should remove them. I do know that some people keep those they don't even like, on their friends list.