Guys would you mind dating a girl that looked a bit unusual?

I suppose there is nothing wrong with me I just sometimes feel odd.

The thing is my mom is japanese and my dad norweigan. And genetically I just got an odd combinantion. Like my bone structure is fairly asain exept for my face which has mostly European features. And I have the typical Asian eyes. And my hair is strawberry blond. It just looks a bit odd.

And additionally, I now moved to Ireland for University and I feel girls here dress and style very differently to what I'm used to. But I like my style and I don't really want to change it. I just sometimes feel like I stand out in a crowd.

Is that a bad thing?


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  • I think your mix sounds like it could be very attractive. I wonder if you're feeligns of awkwardness are more a state of mind rather than an actual reality. Now obviously without seeing you this is all speculation but honestly norwegian / Asian mix sounds really hot. To me one of the hottest women I ever met was a russian/asian (I know not the same as you but...) and she was absolutely stunning her bone structure, hair type was "unusual" but in the best way...

    As far as your dress if you like your style I'd stick with it. It will allow you to separate yourself from the crowd (which for the most part is a good thing). However if oyu like the style of dress you are surrounded by you could obviously change it up


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  • Guys will say a variety of things, but at the end of the day, they're fairly indifferent. If you're attractive, they'll like it, and if you're not, they won' t be that interested. Whether you fit in or not more changes which type of guys are more interested in you.

  • heisann, jeg tenker du er bra. hvis vil du ha fysisk er ikke viktig. You are the one in the world, you're georgeus as a mixed race.

    I am Asian and just move to Norway for couple of months. I do feel wierdo since when I do shopping all blondes and all different coulours beside of me; black and a little bit chocolate skin.

    some girls are staring at me with smile, some guys are seeing me nerdy.

    Just proud of who you are and tell me if you need suggestion with Asian style.

    Boku wa namae wa Ivan hajimemaste dozo yorosiku ;)

  • I'm attracted to unusual girls, so in my case, I guess I'd say yes. I'm not a usual kind of guy though, so don't take my opinion as something most other guys would be attracted to.

  • I have a massive thing for half Asians half white females. A huge weakness for them :)

  • It's not a bad thing.

    It looks like you're a fairly attractive lady.

    I would definitely date someone like you.

  • If you are not dressing like everyone else, then you will stand out. That can be either a good or a bad thing, but you can change that if you really want to.

    As far as your looks, it is hard to tell without a picture, but what you described sounds attractive to me.

    • I don't want to change how I dress though. I feel a lot of irish women dress fairly revealing and I'm just not really comfortable with that.

      And I just like the clothes I have

    • I understand. If I moved somewhere where the men dressed different, I wouldn't feel comfortable changing my style either. You might want to consider making some small changes to your style. That way it isn't too out of your comfort zone, but still a little bit more in the style of the area you are in.

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