That awkward moment when your ex starts dating someone who looks like you?

Haha anyone else have this happen? I just saw on Facebook that this guy I used to go out with starting dating this girl. I'm happy for him, they're cute and all. But she actually looks quite a bit like me - and I'm not someone who looks like very many people lol. He used to tell me I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen (yeah yeah cheese) so I guess it makes sense he'd be into the same look!


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  • It does make sense.

    He's attracted to girls who are like you because you are the type who he sees as the most beautiful.


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  • That should not come as that much of a surprise should it? We guys do have our types after all. Most of the girls I have dated are all pretty similar as well.

    • Yeah like I said I guess it does make sense but it's just funny because I'm pretty unique looking too.

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