Why am I getting blown off after a hook up? Please read story need advice.

Talked to a guy for 2 months daily calls and texts. We finally hung out and we hooked up. I know that was my first mistake. He went to work out of state and now he is back. I texted him 2 times no response. However during this time he has looked at my dating profile a few times. Why is he looking if he is done with me? I thought we had a good connection even if we were just going to be friends. I don't get it please help me! Should I delete him from both social networks like fb and the dating site and just delete his number too?

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  • If you had such a good connection then he should have replied back by now. Try not to sweat it too much. Give him a week. Hit him up one more time. Just something casual like, "Hey what's up? I'm free Friday, let's make plans to hang." If he doesn't respond by this time next week, delete him from everything.

    • It's just so weird that he looks at my profile but hasn't talked to me. Because it notifies you when and who looks at your page. I'm the one who is blown off you would think I would be the one looking on his profile.

    • I don't know why he's looking at your profile. He could have been showing his boys the chick he hooked up with. If he's not replying though, then that's a pretty good indicator of where his mind is at. Sometimes, who you see in pictures doesn't live up to who you see in person. You had something great online, but once you met you didn't live up to his expectations, but you were still good enough to sleep with though.

    • Thank u.


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  • He had his fun with you, now he's done. What's there to be confused about?

  • What dating site is it?

  • I think women get more emotionally involved after sex then men do...

    For that matter, a few men with kinder emotions also tend to fall in love with the people they have sex with.


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  • first get him to talk, if that's not possible relinquish all association from him.

    • Thanks. I mean it's weird he has looked at my profile and it tells you who and when and he knows that but not respond to my casual texts?

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    • Thank u! I refuse to chase after any man. I used to and it got me no where. I wish I could fall for the nice guy but that never happens

    • trust me, the day you least expect it is the day you'll find the man for you, I would know =)