Am I wrong for being mad at my boyfriend for this?

Yesterday while in his lunch break he texted me to chat, and as we were chatting, a man who has been trying to get with me texted me also and asked me if I was down to go to a motel with him and then afterward have some lunch. Then I was like "haven't I told you I'm not interested and that I'm with somebody now?" then he said "There's nothing wrong with a little TLC be a grown adult and let's go have some fun" So then I told my boyfriend that this guy was disrespecting me and to give him a call to put him in his place and then my boyfriend said he couldn't because he was going back to clock in and to just block his number (the other guy's number) So I had to do that but now I feel a little hurt but mostly disturbed because my boyfriend didn't bother to back me up, he had like 7 minutes left.

Am I wrong or what?

Yeah I guess you're right.


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  • Yeah, you're a little wrong. Your boyfriend just did the mature thing and told you to ignore this random dude. You apparently want some drama stirred and want him to flex his muscles at this guy. That stuff isn't necessary when all you have to do is ignore the other guy. It's much easier and makes more sense to do so.


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  • Why do you need your boyfriend to do anything at all? Be a grown, mature, adult woman and look out for yourself. You're just attempting to cause some trouble. If this guy's you're co-worker and he doesn't straighten his act out you're protected against his sexual harrassment in the workplace.

  • Your boyfriend was the mature one and told you to just block his number. Why even waste his time with the other guy when all you could of done was ignore the other guy. You didn't have to respond by saying you have a man. Block his a-s so he couldn't even text you again.


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  • I feel that every person should stand up for him-/herself, because chances are someone else won't do it for you. Ok, he could've done something, but would that change the behavior of that other guy? Not really, you've been short and firm with him, he still keeps on bothering you. No matter what your boyfriend will say or will not say will change his behavior . Just block his number and get it over with. You can't expect your boyfriend to back you up whenever a guy bothers you.

  • You should have just never replied to that guy. By replying, you're basically inviting another text messages and hence drama. You can't then expect your boyfriend to sort something out which you've brought upon yourself.