Dating standards different from relationship standards?

The standards that many men and women have for courtship are different than those in a relationship. We want different things from our dates than we do from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Contacting each other every day is too suffocating when two people are dating, but in a relationship it's standard.

If a guy wants to be emotional or talk about each others problems, that's unattractive on a date, but both people trust each other with it in a relationship.

People are interested in mysteriousness and playing it cool when it comes to dating, but in a relationship both people want the other to be open to each other.

So basically, courtship is just a phase, where guys (and women) have to intentionally hold themselves back until both are comfortable.

Agree or disagree?


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  • This is why it's important to date multiple people at once. So you don't get too involved if the other person isn't that interested in you.

    • exactly. yea, once there's real chemistry with one person, I can narrow things down. but until then doesn't hurt to talk to as many women as possible.

    • yes just don't sleep with any of them until you have picked that one. that's just mean.


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  • Yeah, of course. Dating is about keeping things light but interested, getting to know the person, but you probably wouldn't expect things to be deep/invested until you're in a relationship. With the closeness and commitment come different standards.

    • yea with the level of trust and everything

  • I agree with this

  • I agree for the most part -- unless the people were friends first, in which case trust was already there...

  • Well said, couldn't agree more.


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