Should I keep texting him?

I met this guy and we never really talked that much, then I stopped initiating conversation with him because I thought I was being annoying. then out of the blue he texted me and we started talking again. so we would text everyday and we were getting pretty close and would make dirty jokes and everything. So we hung out once and it was super fun but after that he didn't text me back. then he went to sadies with this girl and stuff, but they aren't dating they just went as friends. so I thought I was creepy and that I had no chance. so later I texted him asking if I did something, because what's the worst that could happen? stops talking to me? that happens already. then he tells me that his phone got shut off. then I texted him and he acted like he was busy so he was replying but not like having a conversation so I kinda just let the conversation die down because he obviously was with other people and doing other things. should I keep texting him or not? Am I being annoying? do guys find it attractive when girls initiate? whenever we text its like a conversation and we make dirty jokes and its really fun and were pretty tight, but I'm always the one to initiate.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You simply have to text him again.

    You'll not come up as annoying.

    Simply don't text him in succession like every after 5 minutes.


What Girls Said 1

  • Wait a while and text him again, if he still doesn't seem into it then stop initiating. If he really wants to talk he'll make the effort :)