New girl I like, unsure if feeling's mutual?

Theres this new girl I like and we've semi-talked for a while. We like each others' picture's on instagram and tweet at each other and even text every once in a while too. Whenever I see her she gives me a warm smile and tells me 'Hey Juan! How are you?" Even when I'm not paying attention.. And she's talked about me one and said I was cute and when we text or tweet she's kinda flirty... she's arguably the cutest girl on campus and has a bunch of guys after her so...

Last week we were texting and joking around and then I messaged her telling her to go out with me for coffee and she didn't message me back.. I was like "Oh well, its over." But when I saw her again in person she walked up to me, hugged me, and told me she couldn't make it that day. I was like "Lolwut I thought you didn't text back." but she said that she'd let me know whenever she was free. She never got back at me (she may have expected me to ask?) but anyway today I decided to bring the coffee to her, so I did, but then I discover she stayed home. I message her and she basically says "You made my day. :,)" and that "I was super nice" and "Its the thought that counts. I'm in shock ". I don't know what to make of it lol.

Nice? The best? Am I out for the count?


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  • I thought I had been friend zoned by my crush. I asked her "do you see us as friends?" she answers "No I don't. We're something more <3 ..." and that's the only time I've ever thought I''ve been friend zoned - honest.

    It seems to me you might be in the Friendzone but leave it some time, maybe start flirting with her, like touch her hand or knee if you laugh together, then you'll find out for sure where you and her stand.


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  • I think you need to CALL her, "I like you. Go out with me for coffee? " . A call is a million times better than a text and if you do it this way you can find out what is really going down.

    good luck!

  • Emotional needs step by step, if you really like the brave confession.


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  • It seems that she really likes you a lot, though it must be that she's too busy and doesn't have any free time. Simply continue flirting with her.