Guys: Would you ever go on a date w/someone you did NOT intend to have sex with?

Guys Only: Provided that the other person was up for it, would you bother to go out on a date with someone that you did NOT intend to sleep with (if they offered)?

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Note: For the purpose of this question, you NEVER intend on having sex with this person (even if you go on 100 dates with them). This is not a "Would you sleep with them on the first date" question.

This is: "Would you date someone if you have ZERO intention of EVER having sex with them?"

I.e. If you get your way, you're never having sex with them. Even if they offer, you willingly decline.


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  • I think most people answering this are unsure of what exactly you meant. I'm under the impression you meant going on a date with someone you would never have sex with, others think you meant not have sex with on the first date. I think most guys would answer that they wouldn't go on a date with someone they would never have sex with because then why are they on a date with them? Dating is meant for relationships and if you're not ever going to sleep with them then what are you doing? Better to just invite them out with or just as friends (I've done this, one on one but only as friends. I wouldn't consider it a date). My only exceptions for going on a date with someone I wouldn't ever sleep with is either to help a friend or... well I can't think of another reason right now.

    Now for the idea others are thinking that would you go on a date with if you didn't intend to have sex with her on the first, I believe most guys would say yes. It isn't necessary at all to sleep with someone on the first date if the goal is dating them, but if it happens that isn't a bad thing either.

    Be more specific in your questions so you don't create confusion like this.


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  • Yes definitely, a date is about two

    people having fun together.

    I don't think relationships

    should be centered around sex ^.~

  • If I ever go into a relationship, my thoughts should be pure and clean. That's not the goal of a relationship. I'm waiting until marriage for that, so I would decline it if someone offered it.

  • Yes, definitely. If it's understood up front that sex will never happen, I'd feel actually freer to explore an emotional intimacy and just plain fun with this girl.

  • I think that's called a "friend" ?

  • I've indirectly turned down girls for sex before, so yeah.

    I want to get to know her and see if the relationship has some sort of potential before I jump into bed with her.

    • @Update: No. If I'm not at least interested in having sex with her at some point in the future, I'm not going to be going on dates with her.

  • I would go out and have fun with someone but no matter what I would not call it a date if I knew we would NEVER have sex. Dates are with people you are attracted to and your motive is to be with someday. Now I guess I would if I knew a girl I liked was moving across the world and we would go out to eat one last time or something.

    • @ obsessed update OK yes yes yes ...if I was 90 years old jeez

  • Yes, I would. In my experience, taking a woman to bed too early (within the first few dates) hurts the chances of having a successful long-term relationship.

  • Most of the time, I go out with my girl friends just for the sake of having fun and not because I want to sleep with them.

    It's boring inside the house.


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