High School interracial dating?

Why do white guys who live in a rural, country type setting in New England(I live in New England) who go to a pro-dominant white public school not date black girls in high school?


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  • It's either they don't know that black girls are interested in them (which most aren't) and/or since they live in a predominantly white area, that's what they are more drawn to.

    I would find it hard to believe that none of them are willing to date you.

    • Well there is a guy I like and we flirt all the time but I question if its just flirting or he likes me cause he's a huge flirt...but none that I know of would date me and I get along with some of the guys cause I can be flirty but just fun

    • Well, if you're normally kind of flirty, it's going to hard for those guys to tell whether you are actually interested or not. It's the same from your perspective with the guy that you like.

      I don't know. Maybe have to push it a little more.

      I just know that for some of us, sometimes it doesn't even cross out minds that you could even be attracted to us.


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  • Because they aren't racist? Many kids don't choose which school they're enrolled in. They just go.


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  • preference.

  • It funny because I am a black girl and I live in the south. The south is notoriously known for racism. White guys from the south have hit on me and asked me out. I go to a private school in the south. I didn't have any problem. I am pretty sure the south is much more racist than the Northeast. I am pretty sure there are some white guys in the northeast area that are interested in black girls, you just have to open your eyes more.