Ex-boyfriend texting me after bad breakup how should I handle it?

Long story short I broke up with him because he was basically cheating on me with this girl that is just a friend with benefits. It was a horrible breakup I hit him and said a lot of horrible things to him. I was wrong for putting my hands on him because I know I could have handled it very differently but I'm not apologizing for the way I felt...I told him to never call me again and I he agreed to delete my number. I sent him a few text messages a day after the breakup saying things that I meant to say on the day we broke up he never responded back after that I cut off all contact. It's been about two and half weeks since we have talked and he sent me a text on Easter telling me happy Easter. I replied a couple hours later with "Thanks Shawn, same to you too" and didn't send anything else. Today he sent me a text asking "How are you doing?" I waited a couple hours and replied "I'm good" he replied no less then a minute back with That's good, I was just trying to see how you are doing... I never responded back and the old me even after one of our arguments I would text back How are you doing but I felt it would make me look desperate and like I cared even though I still do care I can't let him know that after the way he made me feel. I want him to apologize and the fact that he is texting me out the blue like nothing ever happen frustrates me all I want is a sincere apology and it's not even like I'm looking to get back with him I just want him to just have a sincere apology for what he did. Should I say something like I understand you want to know how I am doing but I feel like you should apologize for what you did to me instead of sending me a text out the blue like everything is OK. Then I'm thinking is this going to make me seem like I'm still dwelling on it instead of moving past it don't know what I should do and I feel like I shouldn't be the one that should initiate the apology he should

Thanks guysandgirls for the comments and advice


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  • Wrong for putting your hands on him? F***that! He deserved it! Lol

    • Thanks for BA. :D I really meant that. A cheater deserved what you did. Don't feel bad.


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  • Wouldn't call that a long story short but he's up to something, he wouldn't wish you happy Easter without some type of plan. He's not going to apologize because he would have done that already so he pry just wants to hook up or pry didn't have things go well with the last girl he cheated on you with.

  • I've never cheated on a girlfriend in my life. The mindset you need to have to do that is troubling to think about. Best to accept an apology you never got, and let him go. Don't respond to his texts. Once the trust is gone it's one of the hardest, if not impossible things to get back.


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  • DONT TALK TO HIM. He cheated on you, he didn't care about you enough when you were together to respect you, and hooked up with someone else. Basically every guy I have dated has been like this. unfortunately, some people are cruel and if you spend your life waiting for an apology you will never move on, and if you force it ( cause if you say that of course he will apologize) its not going to be sincere. Someday down the line, you will get an apology and if you don't hopefully you will hav moved on.

    Don't risk putting yourself out there to him. It seems like your still holding on to hope, and if you say that it will make him think that you are hung up on him. YOu need to make him think you havve moved on. Even if you haven't. I promise it will be the best way to handle it!

    Hang in there :)

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater...

    Also you don't have to ask him for apology as it has to come from him not you asking for it.

    This guy is direspecting you because he's texting you like nothing happened. Show him that you have move on and maybe he'll come back to you with serious remorse.

  • Move on girl. Don't wait for his apology. It wouldn't change the fact that he was cheating on you.