First date questions!?

1. Do you kiss a girl before during or after the date.

2. Do you have sex on the first date? (If so how do I know she wants to)

3. How do I show I'm not nervous when I am?


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  • 1. I kiss a girl after the first date

    2. I do NOT have sex on the first date unless I'm looking for a ONS (She'll insist that you two go somewhere private as well as give you subtle hints. Ex: She'll mention that her ex never gave her an orgasm or something implying that she wants you to give her one)

    3. Don't be nervous. You have to be comfortable with your body. A drink or two can help if you can't control your nervousness


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  • 1. Kissing on the first date really isn't classy. MAYBE if the date goes really well, you can do a peck on the cheek when you go to hug her at the end of the night. But only if the date went really well.

    2. No! Not unless you are just looking to get laid. The whole point of a date, especially the first date, is to get to know the person and focus on personality and see if you're compatible. Don't cloud that with hormones.

    3. There's really no good answer other than try your best to seem collected .

    • I've actually been talking to her for weeks so we already know each other and like each other but I wanted to take her on a first date even though we like each other. She also said she imagined us having sex but I don't want it to seem like that's what our relationship revolves around. But I also don't wanna seem like a prude for not having sex with her, I'm pretty sure she wants to but it's hard to tell. She's been played for sex before and I wanna prove myself to not be one of those guys.

    • Some girls though think the guy doesn't like them if they don't try to kiss on the first me, I have had them tell me that

    • Ya I know it's like a lose lose. If you don't do something they feel uncomfortable and if you do do something they feel uncomfortable.

  • 1. Please don't kiss her before the date! During/after - ONLY if she seems into you (flirting, giggling, finding reasons to touch you, making lingering eye contact, etc)

    2. No, even if you get to kissing, no.

    3. Just be yourself, if your a little nervous that's fine :-) I 100% garuntee she will be nervous too

  • 1. After, when you've dropped her home or are in the car. It doesn't even have to be on the lips.

    2. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

    If you suggest it, you will get shot down unless she is a mega whore.

    3. Fake confidence

  • Probably not. Definitely no. And just be yourself


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  • If the date goes well then I kiss a girl at the end, or in the middle if its going that well. I don't normally have sex on the first date, I like waiting a few at least. It can be hard to start with but just try to relax as much as possible, keep the conversation going is what I find that works best. Really depends how much chemistry there is between you both.