Told me to text her.

I left a comment on this girls status update on fb. She wanted to know if she should go to this concert. when I posted my comment she post my name text me. I text her: You should totally go to X concert! I got no reply... Was the text boring or what? Why do you think she didn't reply back? She still posted one more time on her status update so she didn't fall asleep. I'm so confused here!?


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  • You should just wait for her reply.

    Perhaps, her phone is away from her.


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  • Maybe she had a problem prevented her from texting back , Or maybe she is waiting for your to ask her to go to the concert with her ,There is nothing wrong by texting her again to see what she decided . :)

  • Something always comes up, but that's if you get a response from her what happened.

    Texting and message games won't work on me, id move on if I found out she was doing this. I don't got time to play these games :p, but that's just me.