Lonely or really missing your ex?

I broke up with my ex in late November early December we last spoke in January when he text me and we end up arguing.I've dated since him but I miss him so much I pretty much I think about him all the time. Since things ended with the other guy I was dating I've been thinking about him even more and debating if its worth it to swallow my pride and text/call him. In your opinion does this sound like I could really miss him or that I'm just lonely? What are some ways to tell the difference.


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  • If you weren't thinking about him when dating someone else, then it is probably just loneliness. One of the girls I dated for a few years was on my mind for a while, but once I got back into a healthy relationship I forgot about her and realized how incompatible she was for me.


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  • It sounds like you rebounded a little bit. Usually when those short relationships that fallow a break up end it's common to feel the effects of both break ups at once. You have to ask your self why you guys broke up in the first place with both of your ex's.

    I recently just got rebounded by a girl. she always talked about her ex etc... I should have dipped but I didn't. Now all I feel like is that she is thinking about her ex before me which she probably is. But I'm also thinking of my previous ex too.

    I think it's just being lonely. It hurts to be alone after being in a relationship but It's really healthy to get a good dose of alone time. Your judgement is clouded right now and your looking for a friend who knows you really well. So if you want I don't think calling him/texting him would be bad. But only do it as friends.

  • I think it's because you're lonely- Why? I felt the same way yesterday night, it's just because I am really lonely right now :(

  • I think you really miss him not much feel lonely because you've dated guys after him And clearly you think about him in that time. I think you should text/call him and tell him how you feel.


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  • Could be both.

    no rush just take some time to heal yourself. You'll get better with time so stay strong and keep yourself really busy.