Still interested in my old high school crush... does he like me back?

I graduated 3 years ago and miss seeing him every day. I hadn't talked to him up until 6 months ago when he messaged me and said hi and got his number and continued talking. which brings us today. he has swept me off my feet again.. as he is the sweetest nicest person I know. He is so polite and honest and funny and caring... and just perfect... so that makes it hard for me to tell.. is he acting special towards me since he is such a nice guy? He has called me sweetie and texts me in the morning asking how I am... he texts me 90% of the time and we try to hang out but we have opposite schedules so its hard. then I get a text saying hey baby.. totally not something he would say so I respond lightly and he responds wanting provacative pictures.. then he sends a text saying sorry it was his friend... was he talking about me with his friend? does he like me? I just can't tell


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  • Time waste..


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  • 1) He definitely likes you, imo.

    2) His friend was just messing around, like maybe your messages were still on his phone then his friend took the phone and replied you with "hey baby".

    3) And again, he like you honey :P