Did I freak him out?

So 2 nights ago ago I spent the night with the guy I have been dating, yesterday morning slept together for the 3rd time. This time we got really into it. Well I have the intra-uterine device. As we were doing it he jumped and stopped and said, "Ouch! That hurt!" The mood was over and I felt so bad. We started talking about different birth control methods and he told me I should take it out and get something else. I was like, "Yeah, ok." I left after because I had to...He told me to text him as soon as I got home, I live like 20 min from him. Anyway, I texted him when I got home and it was cool. I called my doctor and set up an appointment for intra-uterine device removal and to get the depo. We were texting and I told him about it not thinking it was a big deal, he texted me, "For real? lol" then I texted him, "Yeah, don't wanna hurt you again. lol" That was at 11:06 am yesterday, Its 5:30pm now here. I have texted him 4 times since then, the last one saying, "Do you not wanna talk to me anymore?" and he hasn't texted back. I saw him on Facebook but left him alone. I really like him and I don't know what to do now. :( Did I freak him out?

Lol! Thank you blackwaterhattie. :)


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  • Tell your Dr. what happened and see if they can fix it so that don't happen again


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  • If this guy is going to freak out because your IUD touched him on his wee-wee then you are better off without him. That being said, maybe he just got really busy? Go on about your business and don't worry about it. Really.

  • no problem, and my pleasure.