It is actually the hottest white women that date the black men

Well I am a white guy and I always hear from others that it is only the ugly white women that date the black men and for a while I believed it. (probably just to make myself feel good).

But then I just saw so many hot women with black men and it was kind of hard to believe that only ugly white women date black men.

Seems like actually the hottest white women are the ones that date black men. Then the women who are a bit below these women in beauty date white men.



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  • I had strong feelings for my really good friend of about two years. Yes, she is incredibly beautiful and can pretty much get any guy she wants. Again I can't emphasize enough how gorgeous she is. She also came from a wealthy family and was very intelligent. I later found out that she had a very long and very serious relationship with a black guy. I don't mean one of those well mannered and intelligent black men, I mean the douchbag wanna be gangster types. I was shocked, disgusted, repulsed, and I still had extremely strong feelings for her. I've never had more of an emotional diarrhea than I did at that time. She also completely destroyed my ego, confidence, and self-worth when she rejected me. I was great to her and I'm a damn good catch, but knowing that she chose a complete loser over me was one of the hardest things I had to cope with. I kept on thinking "Am I really worse than THAT guy". Now I'm basically over it, but the scar is still there. She's the only person in my life that I wish I never met, she set me back for years.

    • You have to probe women when you meet them and make sure they don't date black guys. You just have to make it very clear that you won't date a girl that's been with a black guy, because nine times out of ten if she has been with one, then she's not someone you want because she's already made it clear she has low standards. You don't want to be with someone like that, and yes, even middle class intelligent women can have low standards.


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  • ...or maybe people just date whoever they happen to be attracted to at the time and there is no race/beauty formula to judge it from because that would be ridiculous unless you live somewhere that still practices racial prejudice.

  • hmmmm.

    kim kardashian and kanye west

    ice t and coco

    wiz khalifa and amber rose

    seal and hiedi klum

    i know these are celebrities but still.

    • Well I have seen so many hot white women better than those women in real life with black men.

      I don't care about being second picked. I mean I still go to clubs and score women all the time that are pretty hot.

    • I don't know if I'd consider Kim Kardashian to be white. She's Armenian-American and her ethnicity is probably closer to Turkish/Persian than it is to Caucasian.

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  • "Hot" is not what women are born with. Yes, some get luckier than others in the genetic lottory, but more of what we call "hotness" depends on make-up, clothing, jewelerty, creams and sh*t, all that stuff than on the face they're born with.

    The women our society considers "hottest" are actually just the ones who care the most about their looks - the superficial and immature ones. These women do not want an equal, adult relationship; they prefer guys who pedestalize them as their daddy did.

    It's the "Princess" thing - they want to believe that all they need to hold up their end of the bargain is a vagina, and the guy should supply everything else like money, car, house, conversation, romance, gifts, etc. These women usually lay there like boards during sex, because they expect the guy to do everything in bed just like everywhere else. And should the poor guy f*** up even one thing once, they punish him by denying him sex.

    White guys are sick of white womens' sh*t and we're not dating them anymore. Rather than grow up, they're taking advantage of minority men with esteem issues who will pedestalize them for being white. And that's it in a nutshell. The fatter white women have been doing it for a couple of decades, and these days, they're all fat... lol.

    Note - I have nothing against interracial relationships.

  • I rarely see attractive white women with black men here where I live, and I'm almost 30 years old.

    Just this year alone I've seen 4 instances of a black man and a white woman together in public. Out of those 4 3 were obessely over weight women and the fourth one had crack face (wrinkly face from heavy drug use.)

    Perhaps those men had a lot of money or something? Also, where do you live that you see attractive WW with black dudes? I've not seen any in my 30 years on this earth.

  • Most really hot white women are with white guys. Black guys once in a while can land a super hot white girl, but more often than not they are with big fat white girls or trashy ones. There are definitely some exceptions, but that is how it is most of the time.

  • Y helo thar, troll. Allow me to redirect your efforts. 4chan is that way ----> link

  • It's from all over the spectrum. The majority of white girls like black men, so you'll see hot girls, ugly girls, and everything in between go after them. Before long, you'll be having the discussion about what the typical caliber of girl that heavily prefers white guys.