I dated a guy 15 years younger than me for 7 years off and on. He has worked for me for the last 5 years.

He is a huge asset to my biz but I can't get over him. He is completely over me. I find myself shopping everyday to look good just to see him at work. He doesn't even look at me. People tell me I'm beautiful but I feel ugly around him. He tells everyone I'm his best friend but never calls and barely speaks to me at work.. he just found another sugar mama older than me. He' 29 I'm 44. I was married for 18 years my husband left me for a woman 20 years younger. This guy is the only man I have been with for last 7 years. how do I get over this for good.


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  • You need to fill the void in your life. Put a profile on Plenty of Fish and date a different guy every week for a few months and I'll be this guy will look less attractive every time you see him. I dated an older women before and I know how intense this sort of relationship can be, boy do I ever, but I do know that the best remedy for that void in your life is to put things into perspective. Dating will help you do that.


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  • well, I'm sorry this is happening to you, that really sucks! Ill tell you the number one thing that is keeping you from getting over him, and that is because you still see him all the time. You work with him. Its never going to get better as long as you still see him and keep the fire lit. Other than the fact that you meet someone else. I think either of these two things will dissapate a lot of the feelings.