Second date advice please help!!

So I went out with this guy last week and I had fun and he took me to lunch and after he said we need to do something else so we went to the park and afterward he gave me a hug but it was a real hug not a halfway one. I want to hang out again cause I really like this guy but I don't want to seem needy or something. I texted him and said I had a good time last weekend and he texted back saying he did too but I he hasn't texted me since. Should I text him and see if he wants to go out this weekend or wait till he texts me? Thanks


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  • I think you could send him a follow up text to see if he wants to hang out again. If you wait for him to text back it might take a coupld days if he texts back. It's hard to figure out a gys texting habit since you just met him. If he had a good time like he said he did durign your date then he shouldn't mind seeing you again. I don't think it would make you seem needy or somethign like that by texting him. It shows yoru interested. I hope he can show you more to if he is interested.Things seem to have went well.

  • The hug was a indicator that he a had a good time. I think you should text him. If I was I in his shoes I would be thinking, "I hope she gives me a signal that she's interested or not." Because being a guy we have to take intuitive meaning (Telling a girl we like them, or even asking them out on a date), and you texting him should speed up that process.


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