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I thought the first date went well, but no text or call?

So I met a guy online and had my first date with him yesterday. We went to get ice cream and see a scary movie. While at the ice cream place, we... Show More

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  • It sounds to me like you did everything great! And I still think he's interested, because, no one that thought the date was going bad would ask to continue the conversation for another 2 hours.

    How long has it been since the date?

    • It was just last night. I also thought that since he wanted to talk for such a long time that meant he was interested too, but I am just not sure anymore. There wasn't really any physical contact during the date minus the goodbye hug. I don't know whether to take that as him not being attracted to me or him trying to be respectful. Also, what really throws me off is that he said he would text me in the morning and I haven't heard from him. I would think he would want to stay true to his word.

    • give the guy some time. You're jumping the gun too soon. Id say if he didn't call in at least a week Id say he isn't interested. But give him some time. I think he was trying to be a gentleman. Not every guy is going to try something on a giel on the first date. Not if he's a respectable guy.

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