Has she lost interest in me?

We're been in this relationship for 10 months now. We used to text and message each other all the time. Our sex life was great. We saw each other on a daily basis, college hours and outside of college. But recently she hasn't been replying to my texts as often as she used to and sometimes not at all. I leave her messages on Facebook and she doesn't reply. I can tell, I send the message and and 5 hours later she updates her status but still no reply. it has been two days since I sent that message and she still fails to reply to messages and texts to date. Is she ignoring me? Is she loosing interest?


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  • is possible or maybe it was something that you did that make her upset or maybe she are just confused with something in your relationship and don't know how to talk to you. Either way its best to talk to her to realize what is happening, why she is doing that. Whatever it is, she isn't also reacting in a right way, she should talk to you instead of ignoring. so keep trying to talk to her, if she keep ignoring you the next step is you to ignore her completelly, may not be easy but if she gets scared of losing you will not resist talking to you.


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems you did something to upset her.

    Talk this out with her.