I don´t know if the guy I meet last weekend is into me and I really like him.... Help!

i meet a guy last weekend at a club and i was really wasted so i did things i'm not used to. we went to the hotel he was staying in and made out. when i left he asked me for my number but then sent me home in a taxi by myself (that´s when i thought he would never contact me again). but the next day he called me wanting to have luch with me but i couldnt. now and then he texts me and he added me on facebook but i really like him so, eventhough i know i shouldnt, whenever we text i send him hugs and he is like "okay, bye". what´s up with that? is he into me or not really? what should i do? he lives in another city and he will be coming next weekend.--


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  • 1. You made out with each other

    2. He got your number

    3. He Facebook friend-ed you

    Conclusion: he wants you in his life still

    4. He uses "Okay, bye" frequently

    This means either a) he has a stupid way of saying "talk to you later" and says that to everyone frequently to be like Napoleon Dynamite or something or b) there is another girl in his life now that he wants to chase after.

    You just need to determine if he throws phrases around like that without thinking too much (very good chance he does). Whenever I talk with my little sister she draws all kinds of crazy conclusions from things I say, so it occurs to me that I have to speak very directly and unambiguously to her in order that she doesn't cry over an otherwise mundane remark.


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  • So lemme get this straight...you were ghost-faced drunk, made out with a random (possibly sleazy guy) AND you met him at a club...sounds like a catch!...NOT imo. Oh...and you're sending him virtual hugs...I think you're also giving him the wrong impression...and I think he's sleazy or a pickup artist because most guys who go to clubs are.

    Yea, most hookups with losers from clubs that I heard of or seen in clubs never end well long term. The guy is either there for a quick shag or he's a psychotic/sociopathic mess...or both!

  • Sounds like right now he's in a place where he's interested in getting to know you better first. He sent you home in a cab because you were wasted - he was doing the right thing. He didn't want to take advantage of you, and overall it sounds like he was looking out for your best interests.

  • I'm going to put it out there a say he's into you. I would not go to that effete if I was not in to the girl. He asked for your number and he called you, text you and added you on FB. What more signs do you need to say he's interested.

  • It seems he wants something more.

  • Guys don't like drunk women...just sayin'

    • I avoid dating women who don't like to get drunk with me...just sayin'

    • Women don't like drunk men either. You should be able to drink and have fun...not get drunk. Getting drunk makes you seem like an a**hole. Besides, classy women don't get drunk, every guy wants a classy woman

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  • A couple of things...

    #1.Only time will tell if he really likes you or not...OR...if he just wants to "hit it" and hop back on the GREYHOUND headed back home.

    #2.You should watch "Jersey Shore" so you will know what NOT to do and how NOT to get a guy to only view you as a one night stand.So you were at a club,drunk,met this guy,and went back to his hotel room.He probably thought you were..."DTL".Down-To-you know what. That probably didn't happen because...you were DRUNK...which could translate as "messy".

    #3.Stop sending this guy these "hugs" via text.It makes you look desperate because you don't know him,and doesn't know you.What's worse is that he is unresponsive to your "hugs".Him saying "Okay bye" means he is just avoiding what you're doing so...STOP.

    #4.I think you need a reality check.How can you like a guy so much that you only made out with while drunk?I'm guessing you think he's really,really cute huh?Because he sure as heck isn't doing anything else to try and SPEAK to you,or deepen your supposed connection.He definitely doesn't seem eager to speak to you...which brings me to my next point...

    #5.His initial impression of you was the two of you being "strangers",drunk and hooking up...in his hotel room. READ that aloud.Do you think that is a GOOD first impression? Do you think his actions right now actually show TRUE interest in YOU,your personality,character etc? Or do you think he is doing the BARE MINIMUM in communicating with you JUST so he can get in your pants when he comes back.He could be thinking,"Well,it shouldn't be that hard since I was able to get her to my hotel room."

    *In my honest opinion,NO.I do not think he is interested in you.Nothing more than having sex really and his actions show it.Sorry,but YOU have to think before you act.We have all been there,but let this be a lesson learned.Good luck.