I got dumped :( now I'm so confused I just want to date and be someone's girlfriend!

I'm so angry because I liked this guy so much and now I have nothing. I'm 22 my time is running out I need to find a boyfriend and get married and have babies. I am graduating college now and I have no idea how I will meet men now I mean I don't know I online date but that is exhausting its so stressful. I don't know what to do.


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  • Hey you're just 22 your time is not running out. You just miss him and broken hearted. If you jump into a relationship right while your in a rebound, the same thing will happen again. There will be plenty of guys who will love to have a relationship and be married. But right now you just focus on yourself. Time for 'me' time. You need to get over him first.

    Your time is not running out so have fun. You will only find the right guy if you're having fun, and happy with yourself. Concentrate on graduating and finding a good job. Live a little. Plenty of time for marriage and kids. The right will come but for now just focus on yourself.


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  • Hair of the dog that has a term.

    Is in love with someone you should be happy again

  • Come with me. I could use another Y-wing co pilot

  • Chill girl...there's no hurry. You're only 22 and have PLENTY of time to meet more guys and have babies. There's no hurry. Don't sweat it.

    If I may ask, why did he dump you?

    • He got a new job that made him have to move away he wasn't willing to try with us

    • I'm so sorry that happened to you. Easy for me to say this, but don't let it get you too down. You'll find another guy and this will be a distant memory. This too shall pass...that phrase is true and has gotten me through a lot of difficult times in my life.

      Keep in mind that you are still very young. You have time on your side...lots of it.

      Hang in there and good luck.

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  • Girl, you need to calm down! You're 22- your time is NOT running out. You have plenty of time to have babies, you're trippin'. Why don't you go on and have a life that does not revolve around The Biological Imperative for a while and see where that takes you? If I were a guy, a girl like you would scare the everloving sh*t out of me. I'm just saying.

  • Whoa, slow down. I'm 22, just got into my first relationship, and not even thinking about marriage and babies yet. I want to focus on my career first, travel the world, cross off my bucket list, etc before settling down. Whoever told you marriage and babies is all you should want is tripping. And girl, you are graduating from COLLEGE, don't you have dreams? By the way, boys can smell desperation.

  • What are you studying. What will you do after you finish?

    • Justice studies. I want to get a job then go to law school

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    • I'm not super interested in law school

    • Then what will you do?